Rolex Shopping

Because I don't have enough stirrups, I picked up these Compositi stirrups to add to my jump saddle.

Two things I went to Rolex specifically wanting to pick up were the new Total Saddle Fit girth with stretchy center and the 6 point Total Saddle Fit pad. They were each $10 off and there was no shipping so it was a pretty good deal since TSF is pretty much never on sale. Since Nilla is a fatty mcfat fat, and the TSF girth's elastics are much stiffer than my other girth, I went up yet another size to a 26. That is now 6 inches larger than the 20" I was using last year. It was definitely the right choice too; I don't think I would have been able to get the 24" on her. I like the fit of the stretchy girth much better than the older style of TSF girths which I found to gape a bit in the front. Full review to come when I've used to more. 

I also picked up this random cheap halter because her old one is pretty beat and was looking tan instead of blue. I am going to have to figure out how to transfer the nameplate over or buy a new nameplate. 

I bought a pair of Noble Outfitters gloves because they were the right color and cheap and they work on cell phones. Seriously, I am not a sophisticated shopper. My checklist is basically: color, price, basic functionality. The color thing might be an issue:

My husband picked up a pair of breeches, a shirt, and a rope halter for Eugene. We found a whole rack of men's breeches which was very exciting. There was another guy there having a similarly exciting experience of getting to actually try on multiple different types of men's breeches at the same time. And This should not be such a hard thing to do.

Things I liked but didn't buy included the new Magyk Equip XC boots in colors. I really wanted the blue ones, but I have a feeling that even the smallest size is going to be too big for the little mule so I'm going to wait and order them from Riding Warehouse so I can return if necessary. I also wanted to get some more Kastel sun shirts, but they weren't really on sale. If you bought two, you got a free hat, but I have tons of hats and don't want anymore. This was a theme with a lot of stuff at Rolex; it was there, but it wasn't actually a good deal. Which was probably for the best so far as both my bank account and my husband were concerned. 

Conversation with my husband on Sunday:

Him: We have a bunch of time, what should we do before show jumping starts?
Me: Shopping
Him: What else do you want to get?
Me: I'd like to get some saddle pads.
Him: But you have tons of saddle pads.
Me: I haven't bought any saddle pads at Rolex yet.
Him: That's not even true, you bought the TSF one.
Me: That's a half pad, that doesn't count.

I looked at saddles a lot and talked to a few vendors, but just couldn't find something I actually liked that I thought would fit Nilla. This whole mule back shape being different thing sucks. 

What did you get at Rolex? If you didn't go, what would you want to buy?