More on that horrible clip job

I mentioned in my SMTT Equestrian Scavenger Hunt that I had clipped Shasta in a truly terrible fashion, but that it was rather hard to see in the blurry iPhone shot I included in that post.

Well, here's a close-up:

And another shot:

I am capable of shaving horses. Nilla is fully clipped except for legs and she looks like this:

But I couldn't get the cheap pet clippers I usually just use for face whiskers to really even catch on Shasta. Her jigging and kicking and general obnoxiousness regarding clipping resulted in the mess seen above. Mares... Way to many opinions. 

We actually had a hiker in the park a few weeks ago exclaiming to us about her very unique coloring. And we had to explain that while it may be unique, it's not coloring, but rather a terrible shave job.It is working at keeping her cooler and thankfully it will all grows out eventually.