SMTT Equestrian Scavenger Hunt

1. The most magical Friesian of all the Friesians

This is Finnick. He's a registered American Warmblood. He's 1/2 Friesian, 1/2 Trakehner x Holsteiner. I donated him to the San Francisco Park Police (part of the National Park Service) about nine months ago. In this picture he's heading off to training. The picture below is terrible quality, but the police sent me this of him at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. So if you're ever in San Francisco, you may see my Friesian being majestic.

2. A 10+ Jumper


3. A horse we can all call Shenanigans! on

4. The (best) worst clip job you’ve ever seen

This travesty of a clip job I inflected upon Shasta (which is hard to see in this iPhone shot). In fairness to me, I had to do all of this with tiny pet clippers because even just turning the real clippers on caused her to freak out and try to break away/kill me. Even with the little clippers, she would not stand still and kept cow-kicking and shuffling around. So I gave up and left her covered in streaks and without a straight line on her.

5. The cutest miniature horse on the planet
Everyone is going to hate me, but I don't like miniature horses. They're usually deformed looking. I like ponies and the rare cute mini, but not the majority of funky minis I've seen.

For the record, I do actually like Little Sebastian

6. Bitchiest. Mare. Ever.

Shasta hates all other equines

7. Funniest horse meme/cartoon

Nailed it
8. The most matchy McMatcherson outfit

Green and Green

The baby pad has blue piping

I don't do matching unfortunately, so this was the best I could find.

9. A most saintly creature
So nice of him to share his expensive supplements

10. The Black Stallion Returns… 2015 style
Galloping while injured - or why we can't have nice things