Your dream trailer

25.  Your dream trailer

What a timely topic! Now, if I had unlimited funds I would want a horse van, like they do in Europe. There's an american maker of horse vans, but these things cost more than the average american's downpayment on a house times two. They're so expensive the price isn't even listed on their website - it's a "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" sort of thing.

But look how amazing they are:

Frank DiBella Eurovan
It's a truck and a trailer all in one. No towing needed. No worrying about the trailer coming off or not being hooked correctly, or making hard turns. None of the trailer maintenance. 

On a more realistic scale, I want a two-horse straight load with walk-through/escape doors and a tack room. 

This topic is timely as I found this exact trailer and purchased it yesterday. I had to drive the trailer <5 miles from the sales place to the trailer place today to have weight distribution bars put on and in those few short miles may have had a complete panic attack. I do NOT like driving trailers. Especially not when the trailer brakes are not quite right and either sticking too hard or not enough and I am fairly convinced that the senile old man who attached the trailer to my truck did it wrong and the whole thing is going to come undone and kill me or someone else.

Also the directions from point a to b involved a u-turn so I drove out of my way to avoid that. What should have been a 9 minute drive of 4.4 miles was instead a 30 minute drive of 9.5 miles. I drove 25 the entire time except when I went 45 on the highway. Pretty sure everyone hated me. However, I was very close to pulling over and just throwing up on the side of the road from stress so screw them.

This has gotten long so here's a picture.

so pretty
It's a 2011 Hawk 2 horse with walk through doors and tack room. It is pretty much everything I was looking for. It's been so rarely used that it looks almost brand new. It's cleaner than my truck... or car... or house to be honest. It's fully enclosed with a ton of windows - even a window between the horse and tack room area.

look how clean

So many doors and windows

This is pretty much everything I wanted so now I can get down to all those 2015 Goals.

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