2015 Goals

Since I don't compete, I pretty much never have any specific goals attached to horseback riding. I also really don't do the whole New Year's resolutions thing. There are a lot of studies showing that making these January 1st resolutions is just about the best way to not accomplish things. Either you want to do it or you don't and January 1st isn't going to change anything. That said, the following are things I'm planning on doing in the coming year:

Buy a horse trailer

Most of the rest of my plans depend on this acquisition. We bought a truck 2 years ago planning on doing this and then I broke my back that same day. We have done some shopping, but the area we live in has a very small horse community and we are having a hard time finding what we want. Specifically, a 2 horse straight load bumper pull with a tack room. Everything we've looked at has been slant load and I just really don't like them. This purchase is going to happen this year though. Hopefully soon.

Take our horses to the beach

I've never taken my own horses to the beach. I'm honestly not sure how they'll react. Nilla will either not care or try to kill me. Dijon wouldn't care, but I don't know that I want him on sand given his tendon injuries. Shasta will probably have opinions, but she generally - eventually - does whatever my husband asks.

riding someone else's horse on the beach

Do a trail ride event type thing.

I hesitate to call a 15 mile ride endurance, but some of the local endurance rides offer "intro" 15 mile rides so get people into the sport. I've done 15 miles on a horse before though not on Nilla. She's got a ton of endurance and energy though so I think we can manage it. The real issue is getting all the tack needed. Our lack of breeching currently means I have to get off and walk down all hills which is just not going to cut it at a California endurance ride. If we can manage a 15 earlier in the season, I'd like to try for a 25 later on. This will really depend on how well my knee (kicked by a horse years ago) can handle being in the saddle that long.

I is trail mule?

Go to a horse show

I'm talking some sort of local unrated show as I don't really relish spending a ton of money to have my ass kicked by all the people living around here who have horses worth more than I make in a year and keep them in full training all year long. However, I'd really like to go and spend a day doing something different.

my chance of winning any ribbons

Go horse camping

We have the truck set up. We just need the trailer. There are quite a few parks around here that have horse campsites.
How awesome is my truck?