Blog Hop: What will you NOT do?

From Equestrian Journey: Blog Hop: What will you NOT do?

I won't ride without a helmet anymore. Even on vacations/western trail rides, I call ahead and make sure they have a helmet available if I'm flying or I bring my own if driving. 
Wearing helmets in The Sierra Nevadas on a pack trip

After a devestating fall in 2013, I can say with certainty that I would either be dead or mentally impaired if I hadn't been wearing a helmet. And I was hoping on a western saddle and planning to just go on a very short hack. I had every stereotypical reason to not to wear a helmet and I'm thankful that I was anyway. I didn't used to be this strict. But, now I'm committed.

I also ride with a vest about 95% of the time. I have not worn the vest on vacation western rides, but I do wear it even when doing short trail rides around my barn. I also wore it when I did a 4 day cross-country B&B to B&B ride in Ireland.
In Ireland about 90 days post breaking almost every bone in my back - wearing a vest
Another thing I don't do that is a real hassle is I do not allow minors to ride my horses. I live in California and there's no assumed risk here. I have people sign waivers, but I still don't trust letting minors ride. There are a bunch of teenagers at my barn who are excellent rider and would like to lease, but I just won't do that. There's too much liability.

All equines are dangerous. Even adorable mules.

Things I do that others don't include getting on and off from the wrong side. You'll need it one day and regret not getting your horse used to it. Our horses' chiropractor also recommended it.

I do wear sandals/flip flops around horses. I've broken a toe from a horse stepping on me (I was actually wearing shoes for that one) but I'd still do it if felt like it or owned sandals anymore. Why? Because the risk is minimal and the possible injury also pretty minimal.

Helmet and vest? Check! Pants? Meh.