Your Best Riding

3. Your Best Riding

This is a hard one. I've shown maybe 3 times ever so I certainly have no ribbon proof of ability. Some of my best riding was probably in college when I owned my own horse for a few years.

Lack of helmet annoys future me too.
While I actually owned 2 saddles, I rarely ever rode in them. I also rarely used an actual bridle. The getup seen above is about how it went:
And it's not like I was just riding around the ring like this. I was riding out for 3-6 hour trail rides. The route from the barn to the park alone followed a mix of power-line trails, quiet country roads, and 50 mph windy back roads with little/no visibility. Once I got to the park, I was riding for miles through creeks, up and down hills, and on paved paths. 

I do miss this in the summer

I could jump on from the ground without a mounting block. I could stay on through w/t/c, jumping, sliding down hills, spooking, riding on ice... pretty much everything. I can only wish I was still this good.