Eugene The Mustang Update

We drove out to check on Eugene on Saturday. He's doing well. The trainer put one of her horses in with him and he was clearly in deep bromance with his new buddy. The trainer was concerned that Eugene had seemed a bit off on his one back leg. I didn't get a close-up picture, but his trim job is a nightmare. Not a single hoof is the same size or shape and the one he was off on was the worst. It seriously looked like a lesson in how not to trim a horse's hood - upright heels and long toe.

He was only slightly off; more of a slight float to that stride. We approved a vet check and - in typical horse fashion - he was totally sound for the vet. The vet did say his back was tender so the Chiro will be out. We've also scheduled our farrier to go fix his feet. I remember he looked weird in his youtube video, but he looked sound the day of the sale. And he looked sound for the vet on Monday, so who knows. We'll keep an eye on it and he'll be returned if he can't stay sound.

While we were there, my husband led his buddy, Rocky around the property while the trainer led Eugene. They wandered all over checking out scary things like - gasp - another horse being ridden in the field. And even more gasp worthy, me standing somewhere unexpected. He behaved himself, but was just very concerned.

OMG there's a horse being ridden in the field
The trainer - and her husband who also does training though he's not primary on Eugene - both really like him, so here's hoping he works out.