WTF Mule, WTF?

It's just never ending with this damned mule. I was looking at her knee because she has some scab there. She must have bashed it on the fence as it wasn't there yesterday. And as I'm picking at the scab and asking my husband to grab the icthammol for me, what do I see:

I realized later that the mix of stones and wood in the background make it hard to see, so I traced the lump:

WTF Mule? How did you manage to pop a splint overnight? It's also completely cold and stone solid: no squishy swelling, no heat. Like it's been there forever and not one day.


She's sound and didn't care about me poking and prodding it. It's very small too, so I'm trying to contain my freak out. Just to be safe I poulticed and wrapped her and I'll go check on her in the morning.

I guess she heard me mention a show. Well joke's on her because she's still going as long as she stays sound.