Mule Ears

Nilla loves to have her ears scratched. She's unfortunately very skittish about anyone reaching for her left ear (I think someone may have "eared" her in the past), but once you get scratching, she loves it. The other evening I was brushing the sweat around her ears and thought, I wonder if she'd like to have her ears brushed.

The answer was yes, very much yes.

Make sure your sound is on for this one. You can hear the brush scratching away.

Last night, my husband came to the barn with me and I got him to video me scratching Nilla's ears. She's like a freaking cat, she basically collapses into it.

Ear Scratches for the Nilla Mule on Vimeo.

You don't need sound for that one, but if you were listening, my husband was talking about the lip twitches that Nilla does while having her ears scratched:

Nilla Mule Lip Twitch on Vimeo.

The rest of our horses would prefer that we never touch their ears let alone enjoy having them scratched. Does anyone else's horse have a weird thing they like that most horses don't?