Nilla as Stitch

I wasn't going to do this since I couldn't really think of a character, but I finally found one that works for Nilla.

Nilla's resemblance to Stitch starts with the ears. They're good for detecting input:

and also emotional displays:

Her ears are so big, I have to find unique solutions to covering them:

She stands out from the crowd at shows:

The USEA's feelings on mule in eventing are totally how the cool kids feel about Stitch:

What Nilla does to her stall door every day when her food isn't fast enough:

All food should be eaten as quickly as possible:

When I try to split an apple between her and Dijon:

She pulls some epic tantrums:

I cannot count the number I've times I've had to literally drag her somewhere:

She hates trailer rides:

But for as annoying as she can be, when she decides she wants to do something:

She's amazing: