Updates on Mule Coloring

I'm pretty fascinated by Nilla's coloring. I've talked about it before here. The recent shave job has revealed some new color characteristics.

Nilla's ear have always been darker than the rest of her coat, but with the recent shave job, her ears look like they belong to a different mule.

Another thing the shave job changed is her shoulder stripe. In the summer, when she wasn't shaved at all it was very dark. Since she was shaved back in October, it grew back in, but wasn't quite as contrasting. However, the recent shave job seems to have removed all signs of it.

I wonder if this is like zebras' stripes. I've read that if you shave a zebra, their skin is solid and not striped. Only the hair grows the stripes. It seems like Nilla's shoulder stripe is a similar marking. 

Has anyone else noticed anything weird about their horse's coloring/markings when they shaved them?