Sidelined: 2ptober and NSN

While I was practicing 2pt every ride, I wasn't timing the practice bc pulling my phone out was a pita. I figured I'd just get a time at the end. And then Nillla tried to kill herself. And I haven't ridden since then and thus have no official 2ptober time. I would guess somewhere in the 5 mins range, but no actual timed times. Another year, another fail. 

As for no stirrup November, which I was actually really looking forward to, I'm still doing it, but I anticipate riding maybe once a week on Dijon this month. Maybe I'll make December and January into no stirrup months depending on how psychotic Nilla is for rehabbing. I really do want to get back to being able to ride well and riding sans saddle for a long time was when I was at my best so I want to practice that.