Nilla Update

Nilla is spending her days doing a fat lot of nothing. Which includes getting kinda fat. I've cut back her food, but clearly need to do a bit more.

doin' nothin'

She does not think of herself as being injured and takes any opportunity (like being turned out in the small arena because we were redoing the gravel in her paddock) to trot around as if she's not broken.

Hello human. I see you walking past. If I trot to you, will you feed me?

She is broken though; the limp is there. The leg also looks like a mauled sausage. You can't really see the swelling from the pictures, but the leg is pretty puffy. Especially when viewed from the front. The vet's coming out soon to look at it again.

mauled sausage leg

The inside has actually healed well
So this is where Nilla is at 1 month out. I really wish there was more to report on, but it's mostly just gross and boring. Boring is certainly better than interesting when it comes to wounds. It's also a lot better than dead, so I'll take it for now.

On the plus side, the little bits of rain we've had recently have produced some actual green grass.

Nilla approves

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