This was my last ride before Nilla's injury. I was actually supposed to have a dressage lesson, but my trainer had to cancel. The jump standards were still up from the previous gridwork, so we reset the poles and tried it again. Unlike the last time, when Nilla was pulling me to the jumps, this time she was pokey and we weren't having the best flow through the line. 

little jumps
I wasn't sure what was up so I asked my husband to raise the oxer to make it a little it more challenging.

This didn't actually get her excited, but we did get over the biggest jump she's ever done.

I know it's tiny, but she's only really done 18" before so 2'3" is big(ger) to her. This is a normal sized Nilla jump:

 We also added a jump after the oxer. Since we're out of actual, we made it out of plastic planters. The first time through Nilla thought she should trot through it, so we made the cross-rail from the beginning of the line into a vertical and put the extra pole on top of the planters. Nilla thought about going around this, but I convinced her she should go over it.

Don't worry readers; I won't leave you wanting. I've got tongue pictures:

It wasn't the best ride ever, but she went over everything and once again proved herself to be a good little mule.

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