Happy Halloween

In my injury recap, I mentioned putting costumes on chickens. I bought these dog costumes for 3$ at Target and the were totally worth it. I put them on my dogs, the barn cats, the chickens, and I put the hat from the witch costume on Dijon. Seriously, best $3 ever.

The red polish chicken (last 2 pics) was, by far, the best at wearing costumes. It's one of the dumbest creature I've ever met. And I say this as the person who practically raised this chicken and likes it a lot. But it is insanely stupid. Like, you can throw food at it and it'll just stand there and look around. The barn owner agreed that it's the dumbest chicken she's ever known. And chickens aren't that bright to begin with so that's saying a lot. Anyway, it was so dumb, we could catch it, put a costume on it and then it would just stand there looking around like, "this is weird, oh well." The other chickens kept running around trying to get out of their costumes and making it really hard to get a picture as they were all over the place. But the red was too dumb to care. I'm honestly surprised a hawk hasn't taken her yet. 

I spent a lot of time socializing the chicks
Best chicken ever

Have a Happy Halloween. Go out and dress your animals in costumes. Trust me, it's worth it.