Bitterroot Ranch

My husband and I spent the last week at Bitterroot Ranch in Wyoming. I have so much to write that I can't get it all down tonight. Actually, I already wrote most of the words, but I need to import and add the pictures and video. There will be multiple posts with more details, but here's a quick summary:

5 - Number of horses I rode
6 - Foals played with

7 - Nights in an adorable old wood cabin
9 - Number of seats on the tiny little prop plane we took to get to Wyoming
13 - Number of rides we went on
19 - Number of guests in total the week we were there
22 - Number of mice we caught in our cabin
40 -  Helmet camera videos taken

Cross Country

49+ - Miles ridden (no gps for one of the days)
130 - Number of riding horses the ranch owns (not counting breeding and retired stock)
316 - Pictures taken