Saddle Shopping

So... saddle shopping is awesome. Can't say how much I love it. I drove 45 minutes away to a used tack store, brought back 3 saddles to try and they all failed. Two didn't fit Nilla, the third didn't work for me - it tipped me forward. So I took them back and picked up a really cool FlexEE saddle. It has a leather tree so it form fits to any horse. It was also really, really comfortable. Unfortunately, it tipped me forward.


Sensing a trend?


Part of the problem is that Nilla is very slightly downhill. She's not as bad as some mules, but she's certainly not uphill. So a perfectly level saddle is going to be downhill on her. I did talk to a saddler who said I need a saddle that "rises quicker seat bones to pubic bone." However, the suggested saddles that do that are not cheap and I have not found any used ones.

So I persisted in trying saddles not recommended, because I one should always keep doing the same thing that doesn't work right? In this vain, I returned the FlexEE saddle and picked up a really nice Kieffer Kiel with an adjustable tree. This saddle had been out on trial when I picked up the FlexEE or I would have saved a trip and now I have to go back again. It fits Nilla perfectly, but once again tips me forward.

I've had my trainer evaluate the saddles each week at our lesson and we keep going back to the Wintec, which works okay, but is slightly too narrow for Nilla and a good inch too short for me.

Upright in the Wintec

At least it doesn't send me pitching forward. As a former h/j rider, I'm already inclined to lean forward anyway, so I hardly need the saddle tipping me forward as well.

I don't really have an ending to this story. It's more of a never-ending saga, but I thought I'd vent share.

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