I had a lesson Wednesday night and we worked on halts. A lot. It got a little better, but even the trainer admitted Nilla was being a bitch about it. And normally the trainer goes with I'm not asking right or riding right, but really Nilla was just being a brat about it.

She recommended doing more halt work with treats. Which is actually how I had previously solved our halt issues, but that solution was not permanent.

Our canter work was actually lovely and we made it all the way around the ring in both directions. So canter is getting better, but halt needs work. If we can figure out how to canter over a jump in the next month maybe we can bump up to BN instead of Intro for the event in September.

I don't have any media from the ride, so here's Nilla trying to get to the treats I had out while I was tacking up.

I left them up there to see if she could solve it. At one point she even lifted and tilted the jar with her teeth and then put it back down. Alas, she could not get to them and eventually knocked them over.  

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