Vet Updates

Nilla does not have the "P-that-shall-not-be-named." I don't know what is was, but possibly a bug bite. She still has a small bump, but it's gone down massively and the vet confirmed it's fine and should go away fully soon.

Shasta sprained her sesamoidean ligament. The vet doesn't think she tore it, but if it's not better in 6 weeks when she gets re-checked, she will get an ultrasound. She's on stall rest for 2 weeks, followed by 2 weeks of hand-walking for 20 minutes and then 2 weeks of walking for 40 minutes. Then she'll get a vet re-check and see if she's cleared to start trotting.

And because we can't possibly have one fully functioning horse, Dijon also has a weird bump on his leg that the vet says might be a melanoma. I did not know this, but apparently palominos get these as well as greys. They don't present like grey melanomas; the hair doesn't fall off, so they look different. It also might be the start of a sarcoid. He's totally unaffected by it and he's actually had it for at least a month and it hasn't changed size, so the vet said to wait and re-check it when Shasta gets her 6 week check. If it grows at all, it's getting removed and biopsied.

My non-horsey friends don't understand why we own three horses when there are only two of us and I've always said it's because one of the horses is always broken. Right now, they're all trying really hard to all be broken.