Pop Quiz: Bend Which Way?

Nilla, like most equines, is better in one direction than the other. Bends easier, easier to canter, more balanced, moves laterally, etc in one direction better. I've known her preferred direction since I bought her. Anyone who rides her for a few minutes can figure it out. The trainers I've had work with her all know her direction. This is not to say we're not working on fixing this, but it's a work in progress.

Last night in my lesson I was standing in the middle letting someone else canter/being lazy and was looking down at Nilla's neck. Without her mane, it was amazingly clear just how much she prefers the one direction. She's standing pretty square and straight here and this is what her neck looks like:

Nilla mule neck muscles uneven

I took the picture and showed it to my husband and the trainer and they were both amazed by just how evident it is in her muscles.

From the picture, can you tell which direction she prefers to go in? Does your horse have a favorite direction?

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