Thursday Ride and Missed Special Occasions

Nilla's leg was back to normal size, but there was still a bit of heat. I rode enough to determine that she was sound, but I didn't want to push too much because I really want her to be okay for the weekend.

We went up and watched my husband ride. As my camera was still not working, I didn't even bother to take any photos of him with my iPhone. After a quick ride in the arena, we rode out to the park maintenance facility. I stayed up top by the water tower while my husband took Shasta down and ran back up with her.

concerned face
Nilla was concerned that Shasta was abandoning her, but she was only slightly fussy. She mostly stood still and just watched for/listed to Shasta. Given that a year ago, I had to get off and hold her as she reared and threw a real temper tantrum, this is a great improvement. She's still very herd bound, but she's more willing to be calm and consider things now.

We fixed the fence and added a third rail to keep her from jumping in and out of her paddock. I also wrapped her leg again. Here's hoping she's good on Saturday. I also think I've fixed my camera so I may actually be able to blog more usefully again. We'll see how it goes.

I realized after the fact that I missed Nilla's birthday - March 14th - and her one year anniversary with me - March 8th. We don't know the birthdates for either of the other horses, so we never really celebrate. But I've seen a few bloggers celebrating their horses' birthdays and now I wish I had.

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