My Favorite Chicken Died

The barn has about a dozen chickens. My favorite was a weird looking frizzle chicken. She was about half the size of a normal chicken and had curly feathers. She laid tiny little eggs that were about the size of a gum ball. Last summer, she roosted over some eggs even though we didn't have a rooster, so the barn owner went and got some live eggs to put under her and she had 4 chicks.

Apparently she got egg-bound this week and died. She was my favorite so the barn owner made sure I knew. Chickens don't live very long and they're not really pets so it's not like I'm heartbroken, but it it sad. She was a good chicken. Now I have to pick a new favorite and this one was the only one who was easy to catch and hold, so finding a new favorite is going to be difficult.

size comparison to normal chickens
One of the really cool things about having chickens at our barn is the eggs. The different breeds produce different sizes and colors of eggs. Also, farm fresh eggs taste better than store-bought. 

Egg variety - the frizzle's were the little brown ones