How to Survive the Barn in the Winter

Step 1. Move to California. You can't afford to live here, but don't worry, no one can, so you can join the club of people complaining about how you can't afford to live here.

Scott Hampton
Step 2. Put on your T-shirt. You'll want a tech shirt or something that helps with sweat. If it's before 9 am, add a long sleeve shirt or light jacket. 

It's all about the layers...

Step 3. Check the weather app to see if it's going to rain.

Spoiler: there's 0% chance of rain... ever

Step 4. Your horse didn't get the memo about the temperature and grew a coat to rival a wooly mammoth. He will be coated in sweat in minutes. After your ride, let him roll around in the dirt to get muddy before he dries off.

Step 5. Head home to order a turnout sheet because the light-weight blanket you ordered at the beginning of the winter is too warm for your hairy beast.