Help me Out: Vote on a Picture

The reason we were having a photo shoot with the dogs was because we qualified for Pet Food Express's My Mutt Program. You donate to any pet charity, show them your receipt and they will do a photo shoot and hang a large poster of your pet in their store for 6 months. We actually donated to Neigh Savers, an OTTB rescue group that I got one of my previous horses from. We go to their annual charity event every December.

We got a ton of really great pictures out of the shoot, but we need to pick one to have made as a poster and hung in the store. We can either do 1 poster of both of them or 2 total posters of 1 each. We narrowed our choices down to the following. I could use your vote for what to pick.

1. Individual Shots:

2. Rainbow:

3. Both running:

I know these all have watermarks. I am planning to buy all of them, but I need to pick the poster by Tuesday and these proofs are what I have right now. Please let me know what your favorites are.