Daylight Savings Time Ride

We didn't get back from Colorado until after 1am Tuesday morning. We had cancelled our lesson in advance knowing we'd be too tired. However, DST saved the day and we were able to sleep in and still make it to the barn after work.

I got to the barn first and let Shasta and Nilla run around and roll in the small arena. They had quite a lot of energy so after I finished stalls, I lunged them both. Shasta had a ton of energy and kept galloping around and annoying the crap out of Nilla who does not want to go any faster than a trot.

mule and quarter horse lunging together

My husband still hadn't arrived so I started putting some training braids on Nilla. The rubber bands I have are like 4 years old and kept snapping and Nilla was annoyed that every other horse on the property was having their evening dinner and she was stuck at the ties with me yanking on her neck. I didn't figure I'd finish the whole mane so it was a question of how many training braids could I install before we both got annoyed.

Remember this commercial:

It was just like that except I literally couldn't even get to 3. I managed 2 training braids before I quit. I normally like braiding, but I like fancy braids that look nice in the end. I think I was suffering from a laziness lack of motivation in this case.

mule training braids horse
one... two... two training braids...
My husband finally arrived and we got going. I'm still riding in the treeless so Nilla and I just trotted around a bit. My saddle is actually done, I just have to go get it from kinda far away. My husband hopped on bareback and did some canter and jump work with Shasta. 

mule trotting poles treeless saddle
trotting poles - thrill a minute

blurry but a nice bareback jump
Even though sunset is officially at 7:10, the sun goes down behind the hills surrounding our barn and arena much earlier. It makes picture-taking difficult and it means we have to plan around ending earlier to have light for untacking, grooming, and feeding. We only ended up riding for about 25 minutes and went back down. I finished Nilla's training braids while my husband put their food together. Then we headed home to get dinner for ourselves.

mule training braids horse
such an attractive look
I am really happy that we finally have DST although we'll still have to get up early for our weekly lesson and also for occasions when we're going somewhere after work. But I'm looking forward to all the sleeping in the rest of the time.

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