Winery Ride

On Sunday, we didn't have a lot of time because of the Superbowl and having to show Shasta to a potential leaser. Her one leaser of over two years bought her own horse over the summer. She continued to ride Shasta once a week when the barn owner's daughter would ride her horse and they would go out together on a trail ride. The barn owner's daughter moved last week so that has stopped. My long-term leaser (almost 3 years now) who had leased my previous horses Cinder and then Finnick, picked up the extra day a week on Shasta, but she's leaving to go to a lesson barn. So we had to meet with a new potential leaser at 1:00.

Because we were short on time, we just rode over to the winery/park by our barn. I tightened up the breeching straps and had some success with keeping the saddle from going down over shoulders. There were some angry ears going down hill, but I think she'll get used to the straps over time. She was certainly moving a lot more quickly and freely downhill.

We rode over to the winery to use the water fountain and then rode up to the view point. Shasta had a ton of energy so my husband took her to do another lap of the park. I stayed up top and took some pictures. When we first got Nilla we tried the whole Shasta going off while Nilla stayed behind and Nilla had a total meltdown. Luckily I had gotten off because she proceeded to rear and jump and spin all over the place. This time I hopped off as well, but Nilla was very good. She was very concerned and kept looking for Shasta and was even ignoring the grass, but there were no melt-downs.

It was actually a good opportunity for pictures as she had very pricked ears and a nice, alert expression.

We could see my husband at one point on his loop. Unfortunately, I only had my cell phone so my pictures are very tiny.

far away

Super zoomed in
Also really zoomed in
We got back to the barn and still had time so we let them roll and get filthy before the potential leaser came by to do a test ride. She seemed to really like Shasta so hopefully that will work out and I can stop looking. I get a lot of responses for her, but it's annoying to wade through them all and correspond with everyone.