Let's just call this week a wash

While I had Monday off, my husband did not so no riding was accomplished. I did briefly stop at the barn to drop off Shasta's bridle for her leaser (we took it home to clean).

On Tuesday we had a terrible lesson in which absolutely nothing was accomplished. Nilla was being quite pissy. I found some rub marks on her back after the lesson so I am having the saddle fitter who re-flocked my saddle come out and check it next week. My re-flocking included a follow-up appt which was supposed to be at three months. I have been lazy about scheduling it, but next week will make a bit over 4 months, so not too late. I don't know that anything is actually wrong with the saddle, I mostly think Nilla was just being a stubborn ass, but I'll do the appt to rule saddle fit out.

really pissed off mule

On Wednesday we were covering for the barn owner and had to cover feeding all the horses in the morning and my husband had to get to an appt with our financial advisor at 9am so there was not time for riding. (Admittedly, the time existed, it just would have involved getting up earlier than we're willing to do).

On Thursday we set the alarm to get up and ride, but then hit snooze like 10 times and only had time to clean stalls and feed - no riding. I also stopped by the barn after work to wash and treat Shasta's elbows - she's got rain rot where her girth goes. I'm not sure what caused this as we're pretty religious about spraying with alcohol after rides. It may be that her fleece girth isn't drying fully in between rides. If it's not one thing, it's another.

We don't ride on Fridays so Saturday is our next opportunity to actually ride the beasts we pay and work so much for. We have a bunch of errands to run though, so fingers crossed we actually ride before Sunday.