In Which We Actually Got up Early to Ride and Jump

I hit snooze, but did manage to get out of bed and go to the barn before work. We had to do stalls and feed so fully sleeping in wasn't going to happen anyway. And now we have to go tomorrow as well because our usual Friday cleaner had a personal emergency. Totally sleeping in all weekend. It's not like we can ride anyway with the storm coming in.

I tacked up while my husband did stalls and then we rode up to the arena. Both of the horses were acting like idiots because the storm coming in was rustling leads and dropping branches. Shasta spooked multiple times and Nilla had one big spook, spin, and bolt. She did come back to me and at least she didn't buck the whole way through the bolt so I stayed on.

We did the little jump line again and Nilla was very smooth through it. She's still a hot mess, but she was a much more consistent mess today.

Watch Shasta's ear in the corner as it follows Nilla

Best part?

Look at the ears
She had her ears forward and seemed really happy about jumping today. She seemed to really understand the exercise today and want to conquer it. She didn't do any canter on landing, but I didn't want to push her. I was happy with her pacing and her happiness with the activity. She got lots and lots of pats and praise.

Her form is still a mess, but she's green so that's to be expected. My focuses right now are just on keeping out of her way and letting her learn by practice.

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