Your Future With Horses

30. Your Future With Horses

Well, it's only taken me two months to answer Viva Carlos' 30 Questions. I have managed to publish 60+ posts in those 2 months so nearly every day. I missed some days while on vacation because I was not prepared for the iPad blogger app to not allow me to schedule posts. I've read other bloggers' complaints about the app before, but figured they had to be exaggerating, but no: it's a terrible app. I don't know if I can be quite so organized as Tracy at Fly On Over with her editorial calendar, but I have appreciated having the questions to fall back on when not much interesting is happening during weekdays. And it being winter and me hating getting up early, not much is happening during weekdays.

Every morning... without the bird minions though

I see myself always doing something with horses. I met a woman when trailer shopping who had decided after 20 years to stop riding. She sold both of her horses and was selling her trailer and all other horse equipment. I cannot understand that. I know a lot of women quit horses when they have a baby, but this woman's kids were college aged, so it wasn't that. How do you go from owning 2 horses and showing dressage to just not doing it at all?

my kids
Since I'm never having kids, I won't have that pressure. I value quality of life more than straight money so I wouldn't take a high-powered, stressful, or travel-intensive job. I imagine owning and working with horses for as long as I can.