Critique a famous/well known equestrian’s jumping round of your choosing

23. Critique a famous/well known equestrian’s jumping round of your choosing

I have so little ability to do this. I think anyone competing at the highest level is probably doing a pretty good job. I was trained up until high school that form was about function not just form for form's sake. You don't want to mess your horse up, but how you did your release was less important than making sure your release allowed the horse movement through the jump.

I actually find watching old videos and seeing pictures of the crazy riding they used to do to be really fascinating. If you haven't read The Eight-Dollar Champion, you really should. It's being made into a documentary now and the trailer is below:

I'm pretty sure George Morris would have a freak out about Harry's form, but the man won the Open Jumper Championship at Madison Garden two years in a row, so screw that. I'm not opposed to correct form, I just prefer the meritocracy of jumpers as opposed to the hunter world where the $ that buys good form wins.

If you also find old school crazy riding styles to be fascinating, check this out:

Cause, you know, cliffs are for riding down.