Befriending Wild Donkeys

My husband and I went on a Caribbean Cruise over New Years. On one of our stops at Grand Turk, we went horseback riding (pictures and story to follow hopefully). While we were driving to the "stable" we started seeing donkeys. They were just wandering around town and out in the brush. 

Pretty much me... all day...

There were a ton at the stable and I asked our guide who said they were all feral and they just run around breeding and doing whatever they want on the island. There were tons of them and some of them were babies.

Nursing baby donkey

Of course, all the normal people on our tour were just sitting around after the ride waiting for the picture guy to return or staying in the shaded hut, but not me. I was out bribing the donkeys with granola bars and fig newtons. The donkeys were quite friendly and very interested in being fed.

Nilla might have some big ears, but these donkeys had huge, fuzzy ears! I seriously wanted to adopt all of them. The guide was like, please, take them all. The locals just don't care. Actually, most of the tourists also did not care. It was mostly just me. And like one 8 year old girl. But she kinda just pet them and then walked off. I was the only one obsessing.

So Cute and Fluffy
Now brace yourselves because the little sleeping baby we found was the cutest thing ever. And he was so tiny. I could have picked it up and put it in my suitcase if anyone would have let me.

cutest baby ever

With me for scale