Your perfect schooling outfit

21. Your perfect schooling outfit
Variations on the same: 
Breeches, Ariat terrain half chaps and boots, tech shirt, vest, gloves and helmet.

I would kill for another pair of Ariat tek denim breeches. These were my absolute favorite. Boot cut, stretchy denim with a knee patch and only one seem on the outside of the leg. I do not understand modern breeches/tights with seems on the inside. Even if they lie flat, they're still a seem. I also don't like the euro seam along the back if the leg. I want one seem on the outside of the leg only.

Ariat tek denims

For now I have horze denim breeches. I also have the new Ariat denim breeches, but they're not as nice. 

New Ariat denim breeches