Your favorite ribbon won at a show and why

7. Your favorite ribbon won at a show and why

Yeah, I think I've been in 3 shows my whole life: one after summer camp when I think I had been riding in lessons for maybe 6 months (I was 8 or 9). I was also in two shows through IHSA, but that was a miserable experience. I didn't save any of these ribbons and I honestly don't even remember what place I got, but probably never higher than 3rd.

I did win ribbons showing dog obedience when I was younger and probably won hundreds of ribbons showing 4-H (crafts, orienteering, bunnies, but not horses). I've also won blue ribbons for baking cookies at the county fair.

I do actually want to go to a horse show, but we still haven't bought a horse trailer. Maybe next year!

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