Your equestrian idol

17. Your equestrian idol

I don't really have one. I grew up in a show barn, but I didn't show and had about zero interested in showing. I didn't really follow the equestrian world. I would watch the olympics and rolex and anything else that made it to TV. I went to Devon as it was nearby, but I was always more interested in the horses than the people.

While not idols, some of the people I admire as trainers are Buck Brannaman. If you haven't seen Buck, you really should. I'd love to do one of his clinics. He comes to California a bunch, but usually down by LA. He is going to be near me in May, but doing only colt starting and advanced Vaquero work. I need something in-between for Nilla and Dijon couldn't make it through 4 days of advanced work without re-injuring himself.

I have recently been impressed with Laura Hermanson who qualified and competed at the Dressage Nationals with her mule, Hearts B Dyna. I'd love to send Nilla off to her, but she doesn't have a website so I need to do some googling to figure out her contact information.