TOABH: Shining Star

TOABH: Shining Star
Let's talk about the biggest achievements your horse has accomplished. I'm not talking about you as a rider - I want to know what your ponykins has done to make you proud. Is there a glorious satin collection, did he/she figure out some dressage movement that took months to learn, or are is it just a great day when your butt stays in the saddle?

My horses don't really have accomplishments that I'm aware of. Nilla is 100% a work in progress. She has moved from crowhoping as a canter to actually cantering... sometimes. She's not broncing, she just has no coordination/balance and doesn't understand how to canter. We're working on it. She's also learning that she can stay on the trail instead of randomly veering off into bushes and diving off hillsides. Really, that's how accomplished she is. Still, we constantly remark on how much better she's gotten.

Max accomplishment right here

Dijon's greatest accomplishment is probably being still alive and (mostly) sound after bowing the tendons in both back legs simultaneously about 18 months ago. This was about 1 year after tearing one of the hind tendons previously. While he can no longer be allowed to run or spin or do any of the fun things he'd like to do, the fact that he can be ridden at all, let alone on easy trails is pretty impressive. Especially given that his version of taking it easy is to gallop madly around, doing sliding stops and spins even when injured.

Injury? What Injury?
I think Shasta is probably more accomplished than she gets the opportunity to present with us since we don't show or doing anything competitive. When ridden by a professional, she looks amazing. I think if we were more serious about training with an instructor and showing, she'd be a star,

Look at the bend and collection
Shasta's truly is a shining star though when it comes to keeping my husband alive. She will jump anything he points her at and makes him look good. She will even lean and "catch" him if he gets off balance. This mare is worth her weight in gold.

Scope much?