Further Musings on Palominos in the Winter

Look how filthy these things are:

Nilla likes to do this crazy submissive chewing whenever I turn her out with Dijon. She actually does this wether he's near her or not.

He's off rolling, she's just standing around licking and chewing. 
Before anyone gets upset, he is not aggressive with her. He's never kicked her, doesn't run her around, and generally ignores her. She's like a bratty little sister to him. And she lived on a ranch turned out with a herd of horses so I don't know what her issue is. She eventually stops if they're out together long enough.

Back to my original point: palominos are not very pretty this time of year. On Thursday we needed our truck to get to the barn because of all the flooding. Their paddocks had an actual stream running through them:

We desperately need the rain, so I'm not complaining about the mud, I'm complaining about the color of my filthy, filthy horses. Shasta lives in the same mud, but she's a dark bay and hides it.

Just as muddy but looking much better.