Find a horse for sale online that you would want to buy

11. Find a horse for sale online that you would want to buy

If I was allowed to buy all the equines I wanted, I'd have way too many. I'd start with this living breathing stuffed animal ball of fluffy adorableness seen above.

Chocolate Venture
I also really want a Rocky Mountain Horse. This stallion is for sale as part of a dispersal. I love this color and he looks like a nice boy. 

Unstopper Topper
I also really want to buy Unstopper Topper. He's 6 years old and still racing sound with close to 200k in lifetime earnings. We saw him race last weekend at Golden Gate Fields. I have an affinity for dapple grays and I love OTTBs. I always like the ones who make it at the track for years. If they can manage that, they can handle being a sport horse. It's really the ones who get injured and retired at 2 you need to be worried about.

Not technically for sale, but he was in a claiming race with a $4,000 claiming price. Given that he didn't win I'm sure he could even be bought for less. If I was allowed to have another horse, I would have been at the window claiming him instead of just betting on him.