All the tack and riding clothes you have (brand/color/other details)

6. All the tack and riding clothes you have (brand/color/other details)

I have two (kind of three if I count my husband's) horses and two tack rooms. I am going to probably leave a lot of stuff out and just focus on the basics/things I remember. I'm also going to skip my husband's and his horse's stuff.

1. Prestige La Salleria close contact saddle
2. Duett Foxhunter saddle
3. Big Horn Western Saddle
4. Treeless saddle
5. Kloster saddle
6. Literally no name dressage saddle

Stirrups and stirrup leathers on all of the saddles except the Kloster - mostly random cheap stirrups though I do have:
1 pair of Herm Sprenger Bow Balance stirrups
1 set of Stubben leathers
1 set of M. Toulouse stirrups

2 Bareback pads
1 western pad
Roma sheepskin half pad
6 or so AP pads
treeless pad
puffy British pad I forget the name of
2 fleece shaped pads

6 Bridles
All unknown brands so I thankfully don't have to list them all
A tupperware filled with bits - probably 15 total including the ones on bridles
2 hackamores

5 pairs of Easyboots
3 english girth of unknown maker
2 western girths of unknown maker

Riding clothes
Horze demin breeches
Ariat denim breeches
2 pair Tuff Rider riding tights bought at a sale for $5 each
Ovation plastic helmet
IRH helmet
Ariat terrain boots
Ariat terrain half chaps
1 mango bay belt
Kerrits rain shelter jacket
Kerrits fleece line jacket
Airowear Outlyne protective vest