The last time I rode a horse and what I did

2. The last time I rode a horse and what I did

The answer to this should have been today, but the rain sort of ruined that so the last time I rode was on Thanksgiving. How wet was it you ask? The ring was so wet that Shasta splattered mud all over our car during her mad galloping while turned out.

Our car 

Luckily, the answer to the what I did question is pretty much the same. My husband and I took Nilla and Shasta out to the park/winery near our barn. Shasta was having some stiffness (probably because she's a mare and insists on kicking at walls/fences/etc) so we took it easy and just walked. We did about 2.5 miles round trip.

We did manage to see more people out in the park than I expected given the holiday. We first came across the barn owners' daughters and the trainer coming back from a ride. We also saw quite a few walkers. One couple was walking with a hiking pole and Nilla felt this needed to be investigated. The hikers were really nice about stopping and letting her sniff around and realize it was not in fact scary. Despite being 10, she's really quite green and needs time to process things.

I have no photographic evidence of this ride, so here's a picture of me standing where the pond should be at the park. This is actually from May so you need to mentally remove all the green and replace it with grey and brown to have an accurately desolate representation of just how much we need rain here.

What goes through my head when riding through this "pond"

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